When Your Elderly Relatives Don't Want to Visit the Doctor

When your elderly relatives don't want to visit a doctor

You’re worried about your dad’s health but he refuses to see the doctor. Your grandmother’s physician has ordered lab tests but she claims »

Our New Identity

PicnicHealth is a service that collects all your medical records in one place.

At PicnicHealth, we understand that taking ownership of your health is no picnic. We want to make it easy. We work hard to spare you the »

How Crohn's Disease Drove this Rational Person to Fringedom and Back

I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in my mid-20s.

I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in my mid-20s. It was a classic presentation: 30+ urgent trips to the bathroom daily, fevers and sheet-soaking night »

PicnicHealth and uBiome Partner to Further IBD Research

PicnicHealth for IBD: A Research Partnership with uBiome

PicnicHealth will give patients access to their gastroenterology records Last summer, we were both participants in Y Combinator, a program for entrepreneurs that changed both of »

Do I Have Hypertension or is that just my Blood Boiling?

Is it high blood pressure or not?

I almost never get mad. So when I started thinking about building tools to help managing my own health data and I came across something that »

Ode To a Folder

A folder full of medical records

Organization has never been my forte which means I’m probably a little too proud of my health folder. We’re talking about an actual manila »