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Announcing PicnicHealth

When I was first diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, I assumed one doctor would keep a complete file of my medical records and would make sure that all the other doctors I visited were up-to-date on my condition.

Instead, the enormous responsibility of collecting, organizing, and effectively communicating my medical history fell solely on me. At a time when I felt debilitated, when I was still adjusting to a new reality, I had to fill out endless record request forms, wait in record request lines, call to make sure all my information had been faxed on time, and then remember to bring every note, every lab report, every X-Ray to my next appointment. When I looked for tools to make this process easier, I found nothing.

Unfortunately my experience is not unique. As a patient in today’s healthcare environment, you will see many doctors at many practices. It will be up to you to create and maintain a collection of all your medical information. You might be instructed to purchase a 3-ring binder to organize your records, but that will be the extent of the help and advice you’ll receive. You will spend your time, energy, and money on filling out and filing paperwork instead of spending it on your recovery. In short, managing your healthcare in today’s world is no picnic.

Announcing Picnic Health

We’re proud to announce PicnicHealth, a service that collects and displays all your medical records - from all your doctors - to bring you peace of mind when you need it most. Picnic Health makes it easy to own your health by bringing you:

  • Simplicity: You provide us with your basic medical information and then let us do the rest. Our team will collect your complete existing medical records and continue to do so on an ongoing basis.

  • Organization: We tag each record with key information to create and maintain a secure, digital health timeline. Our timeline allows you to view X-rays, CT Scans, MRIs, and PET scans right in your browser. Consult notes, office visit notes, and radiology reports are arranged for easy scanning and original records are just a click away.

  • Peace of mind: PicnicHealth ensures that your records are there when you need them and that no information is missing. You can be confident that your doctors are making their decisions based on a complete understanding of your medical history.

How it works

Keeping your medical records up-to-date and organized doesn’t need to be overwhelming. When you create a PicnicHealth account, you begin by giving us basic information about yourself and your doctors. If you don't have every detail of your doctors’ contact information, don't worry! Include the information you have on hand and we'll look up the rest.

When you create a PicnicHealth account, you begin by giving us basic information about yourself and your doctors that we use to gather records and populate your timeline

Simple sign up lets you focus on what matters: your health

Next, add your online patient accounts (e.g. Patient Portals or MyChart). We can often connect to these accounts electronically and pull information using your username and password to authorize access, thereby saving you additional time and hassle.

Your personalized PicnicHealth timeline organizes and displays all your medical records

Your personalized PicnicHealth timeline displays your organized medical records

And that’s it! We’ll send you an email when we’ve collected, digitized, and organized your records. You can then use your PicnicHealth timeline to keep important people in the loop - we make it easy for you to share your timeline with doctors and family members. If you have questions at any point, you can contact Picnic Health anytime by phone or email.

View your lab tests over time on your PicnicHealth timeline

View your lab tests over time on your PicnicHealth timeline

Who We Are

At PicnicHealth, we understand that taking ownership of your health is hard. We want to make it easy. Our goal is to be approachable and patient-friendly in an industry that often feels like the opposite. We work hard to bring you peace of mind when you’re scared and make your life a little easier when you feel overwhelmed.

We’re backed by Y Combinator and raised a 2 million dollar seed round to make our vision a reality. Our leadership team has had extensive experience in the medical industry, both on the physician and the patient side.

Before co-founding PicnicHealth, I ran Lumni USA, a financial services company that provides flexible, equity-style student loans for underserved markets. I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease in 2008, and Picnic Health grew out of my experience as a patient. Troy, our CTO, has done IT for his parents, both of whom are ophthalmologists, and worked as a scribe/tech for his dad. Gillian Hansen, our Medical Operations Lead, came to the field of patient-centered medicine through her own experience managing a chronic blood disorder. She earned her doctoral degree in evidence-based naturopathic medicine from Bastyr University and completed residency in integrative primary care.

The PicnichHealth leadership team: CEO Noga Leviner, SOMETHING Gillian Hansen, and CTO Troy Asortino

CEO Noga Leviner, Director of Medical Informatics Gillian Hansen, and CTO Troy Asortino

We’re always looking for great people who feel as passionate about helping patients as we do. If you’d like to join our team, see our jobs page.

Thank you for being with us along the way!